Foreign real estate of deputies of the state Duma: the leader of Spain



Зарубежная недвижимость депутатов Госдумы: лидирует ИспанияThe holder иллюстрацииAFPImage captionИспанская the property mentioned in the eight declarations of the deputies of the new convocation of the state Duma

22 deputies of the new composition of the Duma officially declared their real estate abroad.

The most popular among the deputies, as it turned out, is in Spain: property in this state appears in eight of the declarations.

  • The income of state Duma deputies, their wives and minor children
  • The presidential administration reported income
  • Putin’s revenues fell slightly for the year 2016

Also to members of registered property in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Cyprus.

That the deputies of Spain


  • Arkady Ponomarev (« United Russia ») owns three apartments with an area of 151, 155 and 178 sq. m.
  • Alexander A. Kiselev (« ER ») and his wife own an apartment of 75 sq. m and cars.
  • Andrey Chernyshev (« ER ») has a « living room » area of 62 sq. m.
  • The wife of Nikolai Valuev (« ER ») – a house area of 95 sq. m.
  • Konstantin Zatulin (« EP ») owns an apartment of 94 sq. m.
  • Andrey Baryshev (« EP ») owns an apartment of 55 sq. m.
  • Omahan Umakhanov (« EP ») owns a residential house with an area of 313 sq. m.
  • Vadim Belousov (« Fair Russia ») owns a plot of 800 sq m and the apartment – 37 sq. m.
  • </ol>

    In other countries


  • Communist Vladimir blocki (Communist party) owns a plot of 1,050 square meters and a building area of 312 sq m in the UK.
  • Wife of Andrey Golushko (« EP ») owns the building area of 498 sqm and a plot area of 7,800 sq m in France.
  • The wife of Valery Hartung (« CP ») is the apartment with an area of 190 sq m in Switzerland.
  • Rifat Shaikhutdinov (not included in the faction) owns half of the farm area of 6809 sq m in Finland, and his wife belongs to the house of 176 square meters in Italy.
  • Wife of Vladimir Kateneva (« ER ») in Finland owns half the land area of 7500 sq. m apartment area of 86 sq. m.
  • Vladislav Tretiak (« EP ») owns two apartments with an area of 167 sq. m each in Latvia.
  • Spouse Leonid Simanovsky (« EP ») owns a summer house area of 126 sqm on Cyprus.
  • Sergey Sopchuk (« EP ») owns an apartment of 115 sqm and two garages in the Czech Republic. Separately the Declaration contains the storage area of 6.5 sq. m, also in the Czech Republic.
  • Sergei Vostretsov (« EP ») owns an apartment with an area of 71 sq. m in Bulgaria.
  • Yuri Oleynikov (« EP ») owns in Bulgaria an apartment area 95 sq. m. Together with his wife he belongs in this country and another apartment, 65 sqm
  • Spouse Sergey Pakhomov (« EP ») owns the apartment area of 61 sq. m in Bulgaria.
  • Otari Arshba (United Russia) and his wife Georgia owns the land (area of 10 thousand and 4 thousand sq m), room 16 sq. m. the wife of the MP owns in this country a land area of 3.5 thousand and 2.6 thousand square meters and two houses with an area of 1264 sq. m and 226 sq. m and apartment of 74 sqm
  • Svetlana Savitskaya (CPRF) has an apartment of 41 sq. m and garage in Belarus.
  • Sergei Hook (« CP ») owns half of the apartment area of 62 sq. m in Ukraine.
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