In Petrozavodsk, the Russian Orthodox Church give the building two hospitals


В Петрозаводске РПЦ отдают здания двух больниц

Karelian authorities decided to transfer the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church two historical mansion in the heart of the city, which now offers medical companies.

According to the newspaper « Republic », the house of the merchant Pimenov on Lunacharsky street in Petrozavodsk, which is now housed gynecology Department of maternity hospital № 1 will be referred to the office of the Karelian eparchy. This happens after I open a new perinatal center, said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Karelian government Valentine u Hali.

« This building was historically owned by the diocese, and therefore, such an agreement we already had with another Bishop Manuil, » — said the official.

Meanwhile, the architect Elena Itsikson in comments to the newspaper « Capital on Onego » recalled that originally this building was not an object of religious significance. It was a private house, which in 1900 was sold to the diocese for the device in this female school.

Elena Itsikson admitted that he is skeptical of the idea to transfer the building of the Church. « I’m not sure that we can now throw specialized buildings that work and need, » she said.

Earlier also it became known that the acting head of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov instructed to transmit the ROC in the building of the former eye clinic, located at Onezhskaya embankment. As « House Pimenovich », it is also a cultural heritage site. But unlike building on Lunacharskogo, no Church belonged. It was built for the needs of the district hospital, and has long been used for its intended purpose. This Church building was donated in 2003. Since 2006 it has carried out the restoration and construction work, which in 2008 was completed.

According to Elena Itsikson, the building was restored « as the object of the Patriarchal Church ». There were plans to open a Sunday school, but that didn’t happen.

Why ROC two large secular buildings, is unknown.



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